Damir Mulalic – Mount Royal University Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Agatsu Senior Instructor.

You must ask yourself why being physically fit is important to you; what will you gain from investing all that time into yourself? After that you should define in your own words what being “physically fit” means to you. Is it being able to lift a certain amount of weight, or look a certain way? Is it to increase your bodies’ longevity by gaining awareness of body movement and increasing range of motion? Maybe it’s as simple as reducing the amount of pain you feel in your body.
Over the past ten years I have supported individuals ranging from CFL linemen and Paralympic athletes to the elderly and those struggling with obesity work towards their personal goals and ambitions.

Our job as trainers is to look out for our clients’ well-being and help them achieve their personal goals. There are a variety of different tools and methods in attaining results – circuit training, bodyweight movements, martial arts, gymnastics, power lifting, yoga, kettlebells, and everything in between are all ways of movement under varying loads. Experiencing an assortment of disciplines increases your body awareness and its ability to move in a healthier manner. I believe that we should explore our bodies’ potential and strive to be the best we can be in multiple areas of physical fitness.

That moment of self- realization my clients experience after discovering their bodies’ capabilities and realizing they are able to do something they once only could imagine is why I love doing what I do.