Monthly Nutrition Review


After submitting a week-long record of your current eating habits you have the option to sit down or talk over the phone with your nutritionist, you will be provided with  food log analysis, explanations for ideal calorie intake, general nutritional advice on healthy eating habits as well as suggested changes to optimise your current regiment. The “Monthly Nutrition Review” is ideal for those who have a general understanding of their nutrition and just need a few tweaks to reach their goals and optimise their health. Please note that this package does not include a meal plan.


Fridge Clean Out with Grocery Shop and Label Reading Tutorial


Our nutritionist will visit your home to assess your current food choices, the two of you will then head to your local grocery store. While at the grocery store your nutritionist will explain in detail what exactly to look for on those often confusing labels. This will help you make an informed decisions when it come to the foods you like to eat.


One Week Customised Meal Plan


After talking to your nutritionist to assess your goals and discuss food details, they will build a week long meal plan based on your nutrition requirements and ambitions. Each day of the week will be calorie and macronutrient controlled to help you achieve optimal health and results. Suggested meal timing will also be provided based around your daily schedule. A second meeting will then be scheduled to explain your meal plan in detail, ensuring you have all the tools required  for success.


Build Your Own Personal Meal Plan


You will meet with your nutritionist to learn how to effectively build your own meal plan based on your current goals, body composition and daily activity level. You will be provided with a list of food choices as well as a nutritional allowance chart, which is used to track your daily food consumption. Using this information you will construct your own meal plan under the nutritionists supervision.


* Prices do not include GST.