EMPOWERMENT [im’pah’wer’ment]: The means or opportunity necessary for independence and self-assertion.

It’s not always about the time you put towards working out, but rather the dedication to your goals outside those hours that will get you the results you’re looking for. At Empowerment we believe that a strong dedicated mind is the key to achieving your goals.

Changes that will occur in your physical composition due to exercise are undeniable, they are however secondary to the benefits you will experience outside the studio doors. Empowerment of the self is found in those remarkable moments of self-actualisation; an instance when you realise what you are capable of.

We want our clients to overcome any physical challenges they might be faced with and believe that a well-rounded generalist approach to fitness will get you there. Sleep, nutrition, recovery, flexibility, mobility,stability, strength and muscular endurance are all fundamental building blocks – each facet supports the next.

If you bring commitment, accountability and a positive attitude to the table, we are confident we have the knowledge and experience to make your goals a reality.